Put your money where your data is

Revamping Wonderbly’s marketing attribution model

Decreased data pipeline complexity by 40%

Increased the share of attributable orders

Developed data integration pipeline to funnel attributed contribution margin back into ad platforms

Wonderbly is a B2C e-commerce company focused on personalized children’s books. The award-winning online publishing house allocates marketing budgets across channels and campaigns based on a North Star metric of attributed contribution margin. Built back in 2016, the model behind this KPI became obsolete. The growing complexities and outdated data foundation prevented Wonderbly from making data-driven decisions and taking advantage of advanced measurement methods, like incrementality.

Project A’s Data and Analytics Team stepped in to support Wonderbly’s data team and refactored their entire marketing pipeline. The project included:

  • Extensive analysis of Wonderbly’s existing attribution model
  • Review the model’s capacity to handle signal loss challenges
  • Planning the target data pipeline
  • Project management during the refactoring process
  • Data governance workshop and establishment of a data governance committee
  • Advise in-house engineers on data pipeline best practices
  • Set up Reverse ETL to feed attributed data back into marketing platforms

Project A set us on the path to advance up the marketing sophistication ladder independently. We now make smarter investment decisions and crucially, we're able to build upon solid foundations. We thoroughly enjoyed working with such a talented team.

Sarah Rickwood, VP Marketing Wonderbly

We created an efficient, extensible, and well-documented attribution model that serves as a solid foundation for the future. The new model enables Wonderbly to quickly integrate additional marketing channels and implement incrementality testing and marketing mix modeling. Thanks to optimized channel assignment and user stitching, the data generated by the new model revealed significantly different figures and delivered concrete business insights. Wonderbly can now allocate its marketing budgets based on reliable data and spend the money where it brings the most value.

Sarah Rickwood
Sarah Rickwood
VP Marketing Wonderbly
Clara Hennecke
Clara Hennecke
Data Analyst