How we helped build a 5x unicorn

Banking on Trade Republic, Europe’s largest savings platform


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Our Tech team’s hands-on approach helped Trade Republic evolve from a startup into a major European player offering an app that millions of people trust.

Preparing to expand into new markets and experiencing hyper-growth, Trade Republic needed to develop an infrastructure that would support the seamless integration of new banks, allowing it to shift away from having a single bank holding its entire user base’s liquidity while augmenting its functionality in the browser.

Project A’s frontend team was tasked with building Trade Republic’s web platform: Laying the foundation for feature-parity with its mobile apps to enable users to track stocks, trade, and manage their trading portfolio via a browser.

As Trade Republic’s web presence was minimal, our specialists had dual responsibilities:

  • Work with the internal team to define, develop, and launch a best-in-class web app, and
  • Build the burgeoning web team while establishing engineering culture and best practices in collaboration with Trade Republic.

We focused on developing the trading app and the team that would eventually take over. We built everything from the ground up: Doing discovery and initial work on the app while developing methodologies, bringing our experience and expertise, and onboarding new hires.

Meanwhile, our backend experts helped build the backbone and develop services as part of Trade Republic’s existing Core Banking and Payment team, including APIs for internal and external communication with partners (banks and data providers) and apps.

Project A has been a staunch supporter of Trade Republic accompanying us in critical moments of our rapid development

Christian Hecker, CEO Trade Republic

Delivering a financial service demands 100% reliability, and we ensured that the code and processes are resilient, scalable, and practically bulletproof. The code we wrote guarantees that if something goes wrong, it’s easy to understand what happened, swiftly resolving any issue without affecting end users.

Trade Republic’s app is highly dynamic and requires constant live updates from multiple data sources. This functionality can affect performance, and we invested time in analyzing, mapping, and improving the app’s behavior to proactively mitigate its impact on the user experience, optimizing the UI and ensuring users get the latest information.

The collaborative effort between our people and the Trade Republican resulted in remarkable outcomes:

  • A successful web launch followed by multiple features released with a zero-bugs policy.
  • A solid team of 10 talented web engineers committed to top quality and standards.
Thomas Pischke
Thomas Pischke
Stephan Schulze
Stephan Schulze
CTO Project A