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How we build a foundation for data-driven growth


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Reduced sales cycle

In 2017, our portfolio company Spryker, a leading cloud-based commerce operating system provider, achieved enough product-market fit to focus their energy on creating a scalable go-to-market strategy. This required both organisational and technological initiatives on the commercial side of the business. For example, the lead generation process needed significant improvement. Back then, when potential customers wanted to initiate a conversation, their only option was to click a generic “” email link.

Project A’s Data and Analytics team stepped in to support Spryker with its go-to-market strategy. The project setup included:

  • Identification of go-to-market strategy beyond “founder selling”
  • Funnel conceptualization and definition of a core set of metrics
  • Implementation of Hubspot as a central CRM system to drive top of the funnel growth
  • Initial lead scoring setup to detect valuable conversions early on
  • Initial campaign setup and testing of multiple advertising platforms
  • Data warehouse MVP setup to reconcile a multitude of data sources around lead acquisition
  • Setup of a data team to enable long-term data-driven growth
  • Ongoing support in retrieving insights from ongoing marketing initiatives

Spryker and Project A go way back. Their operational approach is a real product for entrepreneurs who want more than just venture capital.

Boris Lokschin, Co-CEO Spryker

Extensive channel tests helped to map out a solid go-to-market strategy that resulted in a large number of leads. This effort was driven by 20+ people who worked in Hubspot each day to manage leads, orchestrate campaigns and streamline SQL acquisition. They were supported by a capable data team who provided them with insights and reports and who laid the foundations for a scalable data infrastructure.

With the help of Project A’s operational team, Spryker was able to improve many key metrics. Within half a year, they increased their marketing generated monthly leads by 2.000%. Year on year, they increased the number of leads acquired by +1.439%. And they reduced the length of the average sales cycle by 30%.

Alexander Graf
Alexander Graf
Co-Founder & Co-CEO Spryker
Simon Dotzer
Simon Dotzer
(former) COO Spryker
Vincent Bönig
Vincent Bönig
(former) Performance Lead Spryker
Ole Boßdorf
Ole Boßdorf
VP Data & Analytics Project A