Leveling up in the quest for product market fit

How we helped Quix.ai to identify ideal target markets


Main industries checked for market feedback


Use cases defined for the ten industries


Qualified leads that came out the interviews

Quix changes the way data is handled and processed. They offer a fully managed stream processing platform that helps data and engineering teams turn their raw data into a fully-functional, real-time application. 

Quix was founded by ex McLaren F1 Racing engineers who spent years building their mission critical data streaming infrastructure. They took their unique knowledge and expertise to create the Quix platform which aims to make stream processing easily accessible for every developer.

After working to hone their outstanding solution for the past two years, the Quix team were ready to figure out their go-to-market strategy and ideal target market. The problem was, they were lacking the resources to set up and drive a structured process that would bring them to get closer to product-market fit. Consequently, we offered to help them by conducting intensive market research that leveraged the wider Project A network.

Our team stepped in and kicked-off a cross-functional project that consisted of a project manager and an advisory board (our VP Data, CPO and technical content writer).

To implement this project, we: 

  • Set up a detailed project plan
  • Created a framework to prioritize use cases and industries
  • Defined the use cases and prioritzed them using the framework
  • Set up interviews with qualified industry experts who sourced through the broader Project A network 
  • Created an interview guide and hypotheses about potential target users
  • Analysed and documented the expert interviews and research findings (for each industry and use case)
  • Conducted supplementary research on technical personas for content marketing 
  • Reevaluated and reprioritised the use cases based on the findings
  • Summarized our recommendations for the initial “beachhead” market
  • Provided their first leads and potential customers

The Project A team helped us to identify our beachhead market in record time by delivering a structured discovery process across multiple industries and use cases.

Mike Rosam, Co-founder & CEO, Quix

The project provided the team market feedback from 7 main industries within 3 months

  • 15 use cases defined for 10 industries
  • 34 experts contacted 
  • 26 expert interviews conducted 
  • A prioritised list of use cases including a recommendation on one initial beachhead market
  • 4 technical target personas for content marketing
  • 8 qualified leads that came out the interviews
Mike Rosam
Mike Rosam
Co-founder & CEO Quix
 Christina Zachmann
Christina Zachmann
Senior Venture Development Manager

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 Christina Zachmann
Christina Zachmann
Senior Venture Development Manager