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Becoming a brand in the Confidential Computing space

Development of a minimum viable brand during pre-product phase

Positioned a new brand in the Confidential Computing space

Creation of brand assets incl. brand booklet

Project was completed in a couple of weeks

Profian offers open-source products for Confidential Computing which enable organisations with sensitive applications or data to take advantage of the cloud and the edge. The cybersecurity company was still in the pre-product phase and didn’t have any viable brand identity. They wanted to launch a new website and communicate their product and service offering, but first, Profian needed a clear brand positioning with a new design identity.

Project A brought in an integrated team from our Brand and Communications as well as Design teams to establish a Minimum Viable Brand (MVB) for Profian. In a lean approach to branding, an MVB provides a company’s first brand positioning and design while maintaining a perfect balance between structure and flexibility. Right from the get go, an MVB helps internal staff to stay focused and aligned as well as to build external recognition and differentiation. To implement the project, we worked through the following steps:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Positioning workshop session
  • Development of strategic brand positioning
  • Development of a lean and sustainable brand design
  • Creation of a comprehensive brand booklet depicting Profian’s MVB

Project A brought an open-minded approach to our early thoughts around branding and allowed the entire team to participate in a process which led us to a distinctive brand and a better definition of our aspirations.

Mike Bursell, Co-founder & CEO, Profian

By establishing their MVB, Profian is now equipped with strategic brand positioning and essential design assets such as logo, typography, a colour palette, imagery and sample applications. This makes their brand look consistent and professional in all communication channels. The MVB also laid the groundwork for the development of Profian’s website and their successful launch PR which they carried out after the MVB was done.

Mike Bursell
Mike Bursell
Co-founder & CEO Profian
Dr. Simon Walter
Dr. Simon Walter
Chief Brand Officer

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Dr. Simon Walter
Chief Brand Officer