The Human Factor of Robotics Automation

Unlocking the potential of technology platform integration: Enabling Micropsi's growth through project management


Achieved revenue potential through a partnership and seamless compatibility with the leading expert in industrial robots


Fostered a culture of communication, transparency, and accountability


Introduced project management standards and best practices

Micropsi Industries develops automation software for robots. The company’s product, MIRAI, is a cutting-edge, AI-based robotics control system that allows industrial robots to adapt to dynamic conditions in real-time. The unique training platform enables robots to handle shape, lighting, position, and color variance. In 2022, Micropsi partnered with Japanese manufacturer FANUC, the world’s largest industrial robotics group.

To drive the partnership forward, Micropsi needed a holistic project management framework that would enable successful integration on schedule:

  • Bridge communication gaps between internal and external stakeholders
  • Guarantee efficient cross-functional collaboration
  • Provide transparent progress tracking

Project A's Venture Development team stepped in to help, appointing a Venture Development Manager as an interim Project Manager who provided the following support:

Project administration

  • Assembled a dedicated task force with clear roles and responsibilities 
  • Developed a project plan and implemented backward planning

Communication best practices

  • Outlined productive communication guidelines to promote open and honest dialogue and conflict resolution
  • Introduced communication procedures, including regular meetings and updates

Information management

  • Implemented a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) model for all technical and commercial project-related data 
  • Established knowledge-sharing and documentation protocols

Stakeholder management 

  • Identified and analyzed stakeholders early on to understand their needs, interests, and potential impact on the project and built and maintained positive relationships
  • Managed expectations and balanced competing demands of different stakeholders by transparently communicating project constraints, timelines, and deliverables

Relationship management

  • Facilitated a positive working environment with FANUC's people to build trust, confidence, and collaborative teamwork
  • Supported hiring a full-time successor and handled handover and transition of responsibilities

Project A has supported us at a critical moment with a project management function that really helped get burgeoning complexity under control and established standards and practices that will help us with future technology platform integration projects and beyond.

Ronnie Vuine, Co-Founder and CEO Micropsi

With the release of the integration, Micropsi experienced a significant increase in revenue potential owing to the successful compatibility of its MIRAI system with the global market leader of industrial robots and cobots (collaborative robots).

Recognizing the positive outcomes, Micropsi adopted these project management methodologies and techniques as internal best practices to guide future integrations.

Ronnie Vuine
Ronnie Vuine
Co-Founder and CEO, Micropsi
Henric Blohm
Henric Blohm
Venture Development Manager