The building blocks of a successful Proptech startup

Creating a solid foundation for growth at Evernest

Helped define the product and go-to-market strategy

Developed a coherent brand identity

Laid the technological foundation

Evernest is a Proptech startup that redefines the experience of buying and selling residential properties across major cities. The company’s unique platform delivers a seamless, personalized process to brokers and buyers alike. The company is set to transform real estate transactions by converging the physical world of real estate with the digital world of data and technology. Evernest was at a pre-product stage: The founding team had a clear mission, a great pitch deck, and years of experience. It was time to accomplish the mission by building a digital product strategy, a brand identity, and a technological foundation.

Project A brought in an integrated team of strategists and makers - seasoned professionals who can take on the challenge and get the business going.

Product: The digital product strategy determines which tech solution offers the optimal combination of quick time to market and future scalability. Our data-driven approach helped Evernest understand how to outperform the competition.

Brand: We focused on a Minimum Viable Brand (MVB), an effective approach for startups that want to achieve a balance of structure and flexibility. MVB enables the team to stay focused and aligned while generating public awareness and differentiation from the get-go.

Tech: Our tech team turned the concept into reality: They built the website and CRM system and guaranteed Evernest has the solid, scalable technological foundation needed to generate growth and utilize valuable data assets.

The project focused on the following implementation steps:

Product strategy

  • Plan the digital aspects of Evernest’s go-to-market strategy
  • Develop user research and roadmap to lead the development
  • Create an engaging tech story for the next funding round

Brand identity

  • Plan a solid brand positioning
  • Develop a visual brand identity
  • Create brand assets to position Evernest in the market

Technological foundation

  • Plan the brokers’ CRM solution
  • Develop the website, newsletter, and CRM integration
  • Create a scalable infrastructure to integrate and manage data assets

Project A helped us to excel on crucial parts of building an industry-defining company.

Christian Evers, CEO Evernest

This collaborative integration of product, brand, and technology resulted in a comprehensive solution that allowed Evernest to expand its business and achieve enormous growth rates. The foundation we laid together is a business enabler - an engine for future expansion.

Christian Evers
Christian Evers
CEO & Co-Founder
Tamer El-Hawari
Tamer El-Hawari
Chief Product Officer

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Tamer El-Hawari
Tamer El-Hawari
Chief Product Officer